Barbicide Spray

BARBICIDE Spray (Ready to use)

For Disinfection of all Non Porous Surfaces

EU Requirements

Barbicide Disinfection  Spray is compliant  with European Standards EN 14561, EN 14562.
Effectively tested and listed according to VAH-and DGHM regulations.

Safe on all surfaces

BARBICIDE safely disinfects all surfaces including acrylic.

Effective Disinfection in a few minutes

Simply sprayBarbicide on, surface, wait 3 minutes and wipe off.


With the use of Barbicide Spray you meet the legal requirement for the disinfection of work equipment. In doing so, you also minimize the risk of transmission of disease – protecting yourself,  your employees and customers.

Safe & Effective

The ready to use disinfectant spray not only disinfects, it also has cleaning function. If used properly, it does not leave marks on the skin or on treated areas.

Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information.

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