Brush Delite Hair Eliminator

Brush Delite Hair Eliminator and Bucket Set

The unique powder that dissolves hair from all the plastic hair brush, comb, and rollers
in less than 60 minutes

Simple to Use:

Fill one bottle Brush Delite powder into the cleaning bucket and mix it with 5 liters of warm water. Immerse the plastic objects to be cleaned in the liquid for one hour. Remove items from the solution, rinse thoroughly. Allow to let air dry. The result is hair-free,clean brushes or rollers without additional combing!

Extremely economical

One bottle of Brush Delite powder when mixed with water will last for approximately 5-7 weeks, therefore cleaning hundreds of thousands of combs and brushes and rollers, without harming the plastic or nylon material.

Our complete set includes: 4 bottles Brush Delite powder and cleaning bucket made of sturdy plastic. The bucket comes with a removable sieve which enables the removal of the tools without contact with the solution.

For Future Use

Brush Delite is available in the practical refill pack of 4 x 200 g bottles
With the refill pack you will always be well stocked


Brush Delite can only be used on plastic or nylon items. Natural bristle brushes, wood handled brushes or combs cannot be used. Brush Delite will damage all natural materials. Always use gloves when using this product!


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