Taking Care of Business

The dreaded “slow season” is hitting salons across Europe, but it doesn’t mean you should spend downtime lounging in the break room. Follow these tips that you can put into place immediately to ensure you stay on top during a downturn in business.

• Keep the focus on your clients. Start by running on time. Research shows that when a stylist is more than five minutes late, satisfaction levels decrease.

• It costs nothing to clean your salon. Look at every corner through your clients’ eyes. Are the ceiling fan or light fixtures dirty? Is there hair and dirt in the corners?
Grab a mop and a rag and get busy. Use Ship Shape to remove hair spray residue and clean all work stations, salon chairs and mirrors!
A sparkling clean and hygienic salon is a reflection your business!.

• Stay focused on your own education and skill building. If you can’t afford classes or seminars, search out online seminars. Keep up to date on the newest trends and cutting techniques by reading trade magazines and exploring internet sites.

Here’s to a successful 2013

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